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Anti Head lice Hair bows

Anti Head lice Hair bows

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Preventive head lice hair elastics

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With anti-head lice hair elastics you can easily protect your children against head lice. These elastics are impregnated with natural oils, which you don't smell at a distance!

Preventive head lice hair elastics 5 pieces

Head lice is a regularly recurring problem, with a great impact for both children and their parents. In particular, girls (70% T.O.v. 30% in boys) between the ages of 3 - 18 years are the most vulnerable here. Under the motto "Prevention is better than cure" these hair bands have been developed.

How do you use the preventive head lice hair elastics

A packaging consists of 5 elastic hair bands in cheerful colors: green and pink, yellow and blue. The hair bands can easily be used as a tool when making tails, beams and braids in the hair. It is therefore not necessary to always wear the rubber bands against the scalp for an immediate effective effect.

  • The elastics are impregnated with natural oils
  • The scent works against head lice, but is experienced as pleasant by children
  • The elasticists work immediately: when the hair is tied, the elastic is running
  • One packaging hair reliefs protect a total of 1-2 month against head lice


The shipment goes from the Netherlands, so you can expect the order within 1 to 4 working days at home.

The rubber bands are shipped in random colors (packaging can differ, however, the rubber bands always come in a handy seal bag.

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